(Reader’s Blog # 10) This One Summer

Part I.


Bibliographic information:


Tamaki M. (2014). This One Summer.

New York: First Second.




Genre: Diverse Population

Suggested Age: 14 – 17

Grade Level: 9 – 12


Part II.


This book was not an ordinary graphic novel. There was no way that I could relate to this book. I feel as this book was more intended for woman or people going through similar situations and to see how others would react. Some issue that could be brought in a class is self-esteem issues. This book deals with a lot of judgmental issue with family and friends. Kids can learn not to judge others by there appearance.


Part III.


This book very different to other books I’ve read and raised many issues that I’ve never thought I would read in teen’s books. This book was a graphic novel that didn’t use any color in its pictures, which kind of made the book a little dull. I thought this was just going to be about a summer in a camp little did I know that it was going to be about kids having a crush on older guys, teen pregnancy and issue with parents not being able to produce another offspring. This book was   filled with much controversy.


Part IV.


  1. This book can be brought up too have students write about there adolescent issues



  1. Present different ways how kids can deal with stress in their lives and other issue in a healthy way.



  1. Have kids draw out a cartoon strip of what they did for the summer and share it with the class to see if they will be able to figure out the activities that they did.



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